Setup IRC

Most common Irc client used is the Mirc client which is free to use. There
are alternatives too but they are not featured in this small guide.

Download and install Mirc first. You can find it on
After opening Mirc you want to connect to the correct server. Bob's irc channel is hiding on the quakenet server. Select a preferred Quakenetserver in the options dialog and doubleclick it.

Press the connect button after entering your preferred nickname. Your client will connect to the quakenetserver. Once that's done enter #guardsmanbob and click join!

Success you have found GuardsmanBob's not so secret hiding place!

The biggest advantage about Mirc is that you can configure it however you want!
If you want mirc automatically to auth(requires a Quakenet account), connect to Guardsmanbob irc channel once you boot Mirc this is possible too.

Go to your options dialog make sure the box: 'connect on startup is ticked'.
Into the perform menu you tick the box enable perform on connect.
You add the Quakenet server first by clicking on add then selecting it.
Once that is done you can enter the auth command and the channels you want to automatically join in there.

After that is all done confirm and on next mirc boot you should be set.

Thanks to Wonderbra for this guide.