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like a light punishment for some 50,700 charges — but it's difficult to  Elder Scrolls Online Gold  say what's right and wrong for a set of crimes that wouldn't have been possible even a decade ago. At its E3 2015 press conference, Microsoft made sure that the Xbox One took center stage, as company heads espoused beliefs that it was the console to beat when it comes to all of the next-gen competition. Whether it was the announcement involving the Xbox One's backward compatibility, or Phil Spencer's confirmation that the system would have the capabilities to run games in sync with PCs due to cross-platform hardware and software, fans and consumers of the tech firm gave Microsoft a resounding ovation once its E3 demo was

complete.However, not everyone will be applauding Microsoft to Cheap The Elder Scrolls Online Gold  after its announcement today, and rightfully so. The Washington-based technology corporation has officially announced plans for the global restructuring of its phone hardware business, which will result in roughly 7,800 people around the world losing their jobs.In a press release via its official News Center, Microsoft lays out the details of its business model's reorientation, saying that the action is being made in order to better focus and align resources. The unfortunate news comes after Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia last year for $7.1 billion. Additionally, in

a strange move, the computer hardware and software conglomerate is writing off $7.6 billion following the purchase.While most of the layoffs will presumably impact the mobile department — as it's the only division mentioned — it's still up in the air as to whether or not any of the company's other sectors will be affected by the decision. Also, in light of this news, it's definitely worth mentioning that just last year, Microsoft dismissed approximately 14% of its entire

workforce, which makes one wonder if today's announcement can be conflated with 2014's severance report, or if it's a standalone issue.In an email to company employees, Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella addresses the matter, saying: We anticipate that these changes, in addition to Buy Cheap The Elder Scrolls Online Gold  other headcount alignment changes, will result in the reduction of up to 7,800 positions globally, primarily in our phone business. We expect that the reductions will take place over the next several months. I don’t take changes in plans like these