Topic: Achievements that Guile has completed

What an incredible job Guile has done! He is the first HCIM OSRS player to max although HCIM has been released for less than a year. Let’s learn more and buy cheap RuneScape Gold] with 6% off code: RSP6 until October 20.Achievements that Guile has completedSince the Hardcore Ironman Mode (HCIM) OSRS was released on November 10, 2016, it has been less than a year until now. However, Guile has become the first HCIM to reach max with level 2277 and XP 358,464,722 in total. That means he has got more than 1 million XP a day.

How unbelievable it is under the condition that many highest gaining XP methods are not available to Ironmen! In addition, he is also the first HCIM to obtain Zulrah pet in July 2017.As one of the most challenging ways to play OSRS, HCIM players must try their best to stay alive. As we has reported before, HCIM white cat22 is dead and has to continue to play as a Standard Ironman although he has ever achieved a lot.Various guesses from other players about Guile’s achievement

When other players hear of the achievement that Guile has ever completed, they show their congratulations and make various guesses. Many players are wondering what kind of person he is and think he plays a lot, probably 16 hours a day. Some believe he is very clever to hold off on the PvM content. Some guess he may share his account with others.

Anyway, all the players believe he has been an legend.They also want to know what will he do next, maintaining rank 1 as long as possible or trying to play PvM soon.Wish he would make some guides on the ways to max as HCIM. And you can buy cheap RuneScape 2007 gold safely here.The mmogo Team Buy Cheapest RS 2007 Gold Safely on Legit Site mmogo 2017

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